Top quality pet boarding in the Interior of Alaska

Our property and staff is as always TOBACCO FREE !

August/Sept 2013 Holy Dog is HIRING!!! We are activily looking for the right people to join our team at the kennel. We just don't want to settle for just anyone! If you think you may fit our criterea

Duties at Holy Dog are varied and include
LOTS OF CLEANING! from runs to dishes!
teamwork but can work independantly
following exact directions
food prep and feeding
administering medications
first aid skills
understanding of canine behaviors and positive
training methods ( no old school! )
snapshot photos
multi tasking and can hustle!
Deal well with a fast paced environment
athletic ability; mile long nature walks plus ability to lift 50 lb bags
outgoing with a Positive attitude
problem solving
no issues with outdoors in any weather
Presentable and professional appearance
computer skills
we are willing to train the right person and can be fairly flexible
love love love animals!

Due to the K9 Lice outbreak in the interior of Alaska, Holy Dog is requiring a preventative lice treatment prior to board. There will continue to be lice in our area until everydog is treated. Options are to purchase a treatment anywhere like a pet store or vet office or from us when you check in. If you have a special circumstance, please speak with us about us to make arrangements. We are LICE FREE and want to keep it that way!

Holy Dog is now asking pets to arrive with their own food. We have seen too many cases of upset tummies and digestive systems due to the abrupt diet change. You will recieve any remaining food back!

Thank you for understanding some of our new changes that are designed to keep your fur baby safe and in a clean and healthy environment for your pet at Holy Dog!

Kennel Cough Handout Article
(this is the one we handout to everyone in our office!)
Please Read!
Holy Dog Pet Boarding, Inc.

Easy reference of rates for boarding.
$24 per day per dog
2 dog same run rate is $44 ( $24 for the first dog and $20 for the second)
3 dog rate is $60 per day and for each additonal dog thereafter 3 .... add $15
Quotes can be given for special cases in any board!
Monthly rate is $575.00
Daily cat rate is $12 per day per cat.
Multipule cat rate is $10 per cat.
Cat stays 14 days or more is $10 a day
Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rats, etc.. are quoted and are generally the same as Cats!
Doggie DayPlay is $15 per day per dog
DayPlay package of 15 is $210 ($14 per day)
DayPlay package of 30 is $375 ($12.50 per day)
DayPlay package of 30 plus 30 1/2 mile walks is $555 ($12.50 per day $180 per day for walks ($6 each)
DayPlay package of 30 plus 30 1/2 mile walks plus a yappy hour is $600
In town DOOR TO DOOR drop off is $15
In town DOOR TO DOOR pick up is $15

The Holy Dog Shuttle is available for Day Care Dogs or Boarding Dogs Monday, Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday from 7:30 am to 8:00 am at the Fred Meyer East parking lot by the sign. This is a FREE shuttle! Please call the kennel if you want to meet me there! 907- 455-6414 I will be there for that 30 minute time span before I head back out to the kennel! NO SHUTTLE ON TUESDAYS!!!


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